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Sports Vision

Sports Vision Services With Swan Family Optometry

Swan Family Optometry provides all-inclusive vision and eye health care.  Our optometry professionals use techniques that will protect your vision and making sure you are getting the maximum benefits of your vision. We especially focus on Sports Vision for our clients that participate in sports. The athletes of Fair Oaks, California, trust us to be their eye care professionals, and you should too.


Sports Vision Services

Vision is a critical component in all sports.  Sports vision is more complicated than 20/20 acuity.  A sports vision exam measures depth perception, hand-eye coordination, and eye muscle health.  Playing sports requires interaction no only with objects but with other players and performing with maximum effort. When your focus is on the game, it should also be on the basics of being able to see clearly nor should you have to worry about your eyes bring protected. Participating in any sport requires excellent hand-eye coordination, quickness, anticipation, agility, and sight. Here at Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks, CA, we help you be the top player you can be.

Importance of Sports Vision

The importance of sports vision care is that our optometry staff can help provide special tint glasses that can help improve vision and sensitivity complications. Another advantage of these vision services is that we not only do standard vision exams when you come in but if you are an athlete we can find the treatment that will help you be on top of your game. Whether that be with special eyeglasses, protective eyewear, or even determine if you could be a good candidate for LASIK. We make sure your eyes are protected but also in good health so that you will stay off the bench and be in the game.

Swan Family Optometry The Practice For You!

When you visit Swan Family Optometry you will understand why athletes in the Fair Oak area choose us! We make sure that your eyes are in top shape to be able to enjoy the sports you love. We also provide a multitude of services for people of all ages. If you desire premier eye care with optometry professionals who make sure your eyes are the best they can be. It is important that you have the protection and that you seek the best doctors for you. At Swam Family Optometry we have a dedicated staff ready to assist you and your family. Call 916-966-6080 to schedule your appointment today!

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