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Sports Vision FAQs

If you’re an avid sports player, you know the importance of accurate vision. Through sports vision training, you can take your visual acuity to another level. At Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks, CA, we offer sports vision testing and training to maximize your visual abilities. The answers to the following FAQs from our Fair Oaks eye care specialist explain more about sports vision and how it can improve your game.  

Sports Vision FAQs

What Exactly Is "Sports Vision?"

"Sports vision" is a term used to describe an enhanced level of visual acuity that enables sports players to maximize their game. Sports vision also refers to testing and training methods used to optimize visual acuity.  

What Makes Sports Vision So Important to Athletes?

Most all sports require that athletes have excellent vision in order to excel in their field. Athletes who have exceptional visual skills are in high demand as these visual abilities enable them to outplay their competition. By honing all aspects of your vision, you can stand out in your field.  

How Can Sports Vision Improve 20/20 Vision?

A rating of 20/20 vision means your sight is as well as can be expected for specific distances. Sports vision training can expand your visual abilities to include such aspects as depth perception, eye teaming skills, focusing skills and more. By improving all aspects of your vision, sports vision training takes your visual abilities beyond the normal range of everyday sight.

What Visual Demands Do Sports Place on Athletes?

To do well in sports, athletes need to excel in eye tracking and teaming, hand to eye coordination, color perception, depth perception, peripheral vision, and focusing skills. If you play basketball or baseball, for example, you need to be able to judge distances, stay focused on flying balls or moving players and process what’s happening around you at all times.

Depth perception skills can help skiers distinguish obstacles on the slopes to avoid accidents. Hand-eye coordination can help golf and tennis players raise their scores and enhance their overall game.

How Can an Optometrist Improve Your Sports Vision?

At Swan Family Optometry, we offer a variety of assessments and treatments to raise the level of your vision so you can excel in your sport of choice. These assessments go above and beyond our basic eye care services and include tests for visual processing, depth perception, eye alignment, and contrast sensitivity in addition to visual clarity. The good news is that sports vision skills can be learned and honed to improve sports performance.

See Our Eye Care Specialist for Sports Vision Training

To learn more about sports vision testing and training, contact Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks, CA, at (916) 966-6080 today.

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