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Puff-less Eye Exam

Get Puff-less Eye Exam at Swan Family Optometry

If you have had eye exams, the chances are that you have had the dreaded air puff tests. In the past, optometrists used tonometry equipment to measure eye pressure via a small "puff" of air on one's eye surface. These vision exams are not painful, but most people do not look forward to them. 


At Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks, CA, we strive to provide comprehensive, comfortable eye tests for our patients. 

What Is a Puff-Less Eye Exam? 

Updated equipment is replacing the optometric machines used to deliver the tiny puff of air to examine eye pressure. The new devices enable the optometrist to measure the cornea's thickness and the pressure in one's eye, without the uncomfortable puff of pressure. The puff-less exam makes the optometrist's work more manageable because the patient is at ease and relaxed. 

Puff-Less Eye Exams 

Optometrists have these options for eye care that do not involve air puff tests. 

  • Tonometry: Tonometry is a diagnostic exam that measures intraocular pressure (IOP) by applying a little pressure to the eye. An optometrist can use this test to examine one's optic nerve to ensure it has no damage. The eye care specialist can use this test to determine whether you are at risk of having glaucoma — an eye disease that can cause vision loss if untreated. 
  • Ophthalmoscopy: This test is also called fundoscopy. It allows optometrists to see inside the fundus and other structures using a fundoscopy (or ophthalmoscope). This small tool has a light on its end that magnifies one's optic nerve, allowing the doctor to visualize the pressure in one's eyes. The doctor gets a good view of the color and shape of one's optic nerve.
  • Perimetry: This test is a systematic measurement of one's visual field. The common types of perimetry are threshold static automated perimetry and Goldman kinetic perimetry. The doctor uses a light that one follows with their vision to measure their peripheral vision.  
  • Gonioscopy: This exam ascertains the angle of the eye between the cornea and the iris. The optometrist holds up a contact lens over the eye, allowing them to visualize the cornea's angle.
  • Pachymetry: This exam measures the cornea's thickness. The optometrist places a pachymeter on the eye to measure the cornea's thickness. This test occurs before Corneal Molding evaluation and LASIK surgery. It can screen patients suspected of having glaucoma. 

Visit Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks, CA, to Get Puff-Less Eye Exam 

Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks, CA, offers expert optometry services. Our team of leading specialists strives to find the most comfortable and reliable solutions for our patients. We provide eye exams, corrective eyewear, and specialized eye care services. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you get puff less exam.

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