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Lazy Eye

Get Lazy Eye Treatment by Our Fair Oaks Eye Doctors

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, occurs when one eye is weaker than the other and the weaker eye tends to wander inward or outward. Amblyopia is most common in children between birth and the age of 7. Permanent vision loss can occur if a lazy eye goes untreated during childhood. If you suspect that your child has a lazy eye, it can be diagnosed during your child’s annual eye exam provided by our eye doctors at Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks, CA.

lazy eye

Who Is At Risk of Developing a Lazy Eye?

While any child can be born with or develop a lazy eye, certain factors can increase the risk. These include:

  • Premature birth
  • Low birth weight
  • Developmental difficulties
  • Family history of lazy eye

How Is a Lazy Eye Diagnosed?

During the eye exam, our Fair Oaks eye doctors would check the health of your child's eyes, the difference in vision between his or her eyes, and check for a wandering eye. If your child is very young and cannot yet speak, our eye doctors will use a lighted magnifying device to see how well your child can fixate on an object and follow a moving object.

In older children, pictures or letter tests are used to check your child's vision. Our eye doctors will put a patch over each eye to see how much better his or her vision is in one eye than the other.

How Is a Lazy Eye Treated?

It is essential that your child is treated for lazy eye early on while the connections between the brain and the eyes are forming. For best results, your child should begin lazy eye treatment before the age of 7, however, children between the ages of 7 and 17 can possibly respond to treatment. There are a few lazy eye treatment methods available. The one that our eye doctors may recommend would depend on the cause of the lazy eye and how much it is affecting your child's vision. Lazy eye treatment options include:

  • Eyeglasses: Eyeglasses can correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism that has caused your child's lazy eye.
  • Eye Patches: Our eye doctors may give your child an eye patch to wear on their good eye. This will force the lazy eye to work harder which can correct the lazy eye.
  • Bangerter Filter: This is a filter that is placed on the eyeglasses of the stronger eye. The filter causes images to appear blurry in the stronger eye. This will make the lazy eye work harder.
  • Eye drops: If your child won't wear the eye patch as directed, our eye doctors might recommend eye drops. These drops cause temporary blurriness in the stronger eye, forcing the weak eye to work harder.

As soon as you suspect that your child has a lazy eye, contact Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks, CA at (916) 966-6080. Our eye doctors can test your child's eye and begin lazy eye treatment if necessary.

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