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Hard to Fit Contacts

Hard to Fit Contact Lenses - From Your Optomertist in Fair Oaks

If you've always had trouble wearing contact lenses, your prescription may fall under the category of "hard to fit." This doesn't mean that you can't successfully wear contact lenses. At Swan Family Optometry, we have a wide variety of patients who have unusual prescriptions, and we've successfully fit them with contacts. Having a hard to fit prescription simply means we have to pay close attention to the shape of your eye so that we craft a lens in the right shape for your prescription.

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Contact Lens Examinations With Our Eye Doctor

Once you're finished with your traditional eye examination to determine your vision correction prescription, our eye doctor in Fair Oaks will measure the height and width of your eyeball, as well as its curvature, to determine the exact size and shape of your personal contact lens prescription. During this examination, she might discover different shapes to your eye or other irregularities that can make your eyes hard to fit. Some of the more common problems we see are:

  • Keratoconus, where the cornea becomes thinner, allowing the inner portion of the eye to bulge outward
  • Dry eyes
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia
  • Post surgery such as LASIK

Our Fair Oaks Optometrist Can Help With Hard to Fit Contact Lenses

Depending on the shape of your eyes and your particular prescription problem, our doctor can prescribe different types of lenses to improve your eyesight. If you have keratoconus, she'll look to giving you rigid gas permeable lenses, scleral lenses, or even piggybacking contact lenses. These will avoid excess irritation on the sensitive front part of your eye.

If you've got astigmatism, toric lenses may be the best option for you. These lenses have different prescriptions on different parts of the lens, and are specially made to stay aligned with your eye. 

Chronic dry eye is a growing problem with adults. Our Fair Oaks optometrist generally advises special soft contact lenses that retain more moisture than other types, for greater comfort while wearing.

It may seem odd to need contact lenses after LASIK surgery, but the procedure isn't always perfect. You may have gotten close to perfect vision, but not quite. Or you may, as many others do, suffer from excess glare after your eyes have healed. We can prescribe the right contact lenses after your surgery to give your vision the finishing touches it needs.

See Our Optometrist in Fair Oaks

If you've always wanted to wear contact lenses but were told you weren't a good fit, our optometrist in Fair Oaks can make a difference in your life. Call our office at (916) 966-6080 today to make an appointment, and we'll get you on your way to comfortable contact lens vision.

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