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Did You Know You May Need Eye Care for Random Eye Flashes?

Do you get random, seemingly harmless eye flashes, floaters, or blurred spots in your vision that come and go just as fast? Many people do, and it is often brushed off as harmless. While many times flashes may be a harmless occurrence, there are also cases where these flashes indicate the need for eye care. We urge you to get any abnormalities in your vision checked just in case they are not innocuous. At Swan Family Optometry, we serve the Fair Oaks, CA, area with quality eye care. We strive to make you feel comfortable throughout your entire appointment and effectively care for your future eye health. 


What Are Eye Flashes?

Eye flashes are when a person sees flashing lights or lightning streaks in their vision. It is a common occurrence after an injury and is often the result in the gel inside your eye rubbing or pulling on the retina. It can also be a warning sign of retinal detachment, retinal tearing, or other conditions that may lead to vision loss. Do not panic if you have eye flashes or floaters in your vision, but do schedule an appointment to get things checked out for your continued eye health. We can likely identify the cause without any invasive measures. 

How Can an Optometrist Help?

We will quickly determine if your flashes or other eyesight disturbances are normal side effects of an injury or if there is an underlying condition. Once we establish the cause, we can treat it with the right care plan. The treatment may be as simple as waiting for your injury to heal, or as complex as laser eye surgery, with a variety of treatment options in between these extremes. Do not fret, no matter the cause or the solution, we are here for you every step of the way from initial symptoms to recovery.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Routine Eye Care Appointment or for an Urgent Care Visit

Swan Family Optometry provides quality optometry services for patients who need routine eye care. We also provide urgent care through telehealth services. We are here to serve the Fair Oaks, CA, area with caring and expert services. Call today for an appointment or an urgent care telehealth meeting, 916-966-6080. 

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