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Eyeglasses FAQs

Swan Family Optometry Answers FAQ’s About Eyeglasses

When selecting prescription eyewear, don’t settle for anything less than the best. A quality pair of glasses will be functional and attractive so you’ll feel comfortable wearing them at home, work and play. At Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks, CA, we offer an extensive lineup of quality name brand eyewear to suit your personal taste and budget. The following FAQ about eyeglasses can help you choose the right pair for you.

FAQ’s About Eyeglasses

Why buy expensive glasses when I can get a cheap pair of “readers” at a local store?

If all you need is a pair of reading glasses, a cheap pair may suffice. If you need prescription lenses to correct vision problems, then getting quality eyewear is your best option. You should start with a comprehensive eye exam to evaluate your eye health, test your vision and check for eye conditions and diseases. If your test indicates you have refractive errors, your optometrist will provide you with an accurate prescription to correct your vision.  

What’s the trick to choosing eyewear that looks great on me?

When buying a pair of eyeglasses, consider your taste and personal preference. What looks good on your best friend won’t necessarily be the best for you. Look for frame styles, colors, and designs that complement the shape of your face, the color of your eyes, skin, and hair. Take time to experiment with different brands and designs to see what appeals to you most.  

At Swan Family Optometry, we carry a wide selection of frames ranging from retro styles to the latest trends. Our frames come in all colors and shapes (oval, round, rectangle, square, etc.) to suit your looks, personality, and character. Eyewear can say a lot about you as an individual. Look for eyeglasses that are comfortable to wear, provide optimum function and make you feel good about yourself.

What type of lens should I choose?

Eyeglass lenses are important as they will affect the appearance, function, safety, and comfort of your glasses. Lenses come in various types to include a plastic polymer, polycarbonate, glass, Trivex and high index plastic lenses. By discussing the pros and cons of these lenses with your optician, you’ll have a better idea of what would be best for you.

What are my options for lens coatings?

Anti-reflective coating eliminates annoying glare spots and reflections on your glasses, so you can see through the lenses more easily. Photo chromatic lenses darken when exposed to the sun so your prescription eyewear can double as sunglasses. You can even get a scratch resistant coating for your eyewear to keep them looking nice for years to come.

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