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Computer Vision

Swan Family Optometry Treats Computer Vision

Many people take their eyes for granted. Vision is one of the most important contributing factors in someone's overall quality of life. Because of this, everyone needs to take the necessary steps to preserve their eye health. One of the topics that is most often discussed is the relationship between someone's vision and the computer. Computer vision is important for almost every job today as more and more information is transferred to the digital world. Therefore, our reliable team at Swan Family Optometry would like to share some information about preventing computer vision with everyone in the Fair Oaks, CA, area.

woman struggling with her vision on the computer.

Use Proper Lighting

One of the most common reasons why people feel uncomfortable after they have been looking at the computer for an extended period is that they aren't using proper lighting. The contrast between a dark room and the bright computer screen can quickly cause the eyes to feel uncomfortable. Even though it might be easy to see the computer, make sure that the room is properly lit.

Minimize the Glare from the Computer Screen

Another reason why someone might feel like their eyes are having a hard time adjusting is that the glare from the computer can be straining. Often, people do not take the necessary steps to alter the brightness of the computer screen. As a result, the glare from the screen causes the eyes to strain, giving people a headache and making it hard to see. Ensure that the glare from the computer is turned down to an appropriate level.

Take Breaks While At the Computer

Perhaps the most important tip for everyone to remember is to take breaks from the computer screen. In today's world, everyone feels stress both at home and in the office. There is a lot of pressure to get things done as quickly as possible. Despite these expectations, people need to remember that eye care needs to come first. Take breaks from the computer screen and give your eyes a chance to take rest and recover. Then, you can return to the computer screen feeling refreshed and restored. Rest the eyes periodically.

Trust the Trained Professionals at Swan Family Optometry For Eye Care

Everyone needs to take care of their eyes when they are using a computer. Furthermore, it is also essential for everyone to receive their annual eye exam. Our reliable doctors at Swan Family Optometry are here to take care of everyone in the Fair Oaks, CA, area. Those with questions and concerns about their vision should call us today at 919-966-6080 to schedule an appointment.

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