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A Brief Style Guide for Eyeglass Frames from Your Fair Oaks Optometrist

A Brief Style Guide for Eyeglass Frames from Your Fair Oaks Optometrist

Glasses are on your face, where people spend a lot of time looking. This means that we at Swan Family Optometry, your optometrist in Fair Oaks, know they are a very important part of your personal image. Style is always a bit subjective, but here at your Fair Oaks optometrist, we will give you some tips and tricks to choose the best eyeglass frames for your face.

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Face Shapes

There are different opinions about exactly how many facial shapes there are because some are very similar, but everyone recognizes at least four:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
  • Heart

Some additional facial shapes that our eye doctor in Fair Oaks may describe include diamond, oblong, and base-down triangle (larger bottom of the face than top).

Frame Shape for Your Face

The main considerations for choosing frames are shape, color, and overall style. Our Fair Oaks eye doctor can help you choose frames based on your facial shape. Usually, the best frames contrast with your facial shape:

  • Round or oval frames for square faces
  • Square or rectangular frames for round faces
  • Frames that are not top-heavy for heart-shaped faces
  • Frames that are not too large for oval faces

The rim style of the frames should also be taken into consideration. Half-rim glasses can be too top-heavy for a heart-shaped face, and rimless glasses may look best on a diamond-shaped face. If you are concerned about how the frames will look or function, ask our Fair Oaks eye doctor!

Color, Function, and Overall Style

Glasses come in almost every color of the rainbow these days. The color you choose should complement your skin tone and eye color. Some people choose to match their eyeglasses to their eye color, but a complementary or carefully-chosen contrasting color works just as well.

Function is important, and to a certain extent includes overall style. The glasses that you play a sport in may not be the best choice for a formal function, which in turn may not be the best choice for a night out. The right pair of glasses can certainly work in all of these circumstances, but it is worth telling our Fair Oaks optometrist all of the places you will be wearing your new frames when choosing them.

Swan Family Optometry, Your Optometrist in Fair Oaks, Offers a Wide Variety of Glasses

Here at Swan Family Optometry, your optometrist in Fair Oaks, we know that choosing glasses is an important and sometimes overwhelming task. If you need a new pair or perhaps even your first pair, come on in to our eye doctor in Fair Oaks and let us help you choose the perfect option. For questions or to make an appointment, call 916-966-6080.

What factors go into your decision about eyeglass frames?

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