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Preventing Eye Diseases Your Fair Oaks Optometrist

Preventing Eye Diseases Your Fair Oaks Optometrist

Changes to your vision occur as you age, but that does not mean you must face serious complications from an eye disease. By working with an optometrist in Fair Oaks, you prevent certain ailments and limit the risks to your eyes.

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Exams for Eye Diseases Prevention in Fair Oaks

A key part of eye diseases prevention in Fair Oaks is an eye exam. Regular exams to check on your eye health allow you to identify potential problems before it changes your vision. An eye doctor in Fair Oaks may also recommend regular medical check-ups for high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes to limit the risks to your eyes. Clarifying the risks and taking measures to limit the risks play a key role in the prevention of serious eye conditions.

Diet and Exercise

Good physical health is an important part of protecting your eyes and vision. A Fair Oaks optometrist in our clinic may recommend adjustments to your diet and exercise habits to reduce the risks to your eyes. For example, we may recommend walking or regular exercise as part of a plan to prevent eye conditions.

Watching for Warning Signs

If you notice changes to your vision, then visit a Fair Oaks eye doctor to check on your eyes. Sudden changes to your eyes suggest an eye disease and may require treatment to prevent damages to your eyes. Always pay attention to any clear warning signs of a problem to seek treatment at an early stage.

Wear Sunglasses

Wear sunglasses with UV protection to limit the impact of sun damages on your eyes. An optometrist in Fair Oaks may recommend different sunglasses to protect your eyes after clarifying your needs and current eye health. We also consider your style preferences when recommending sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Seek Eye Protection from our Fair Oaks Optometrist

Protecting your eyes from common ailments or conditions starts with regular exams and adjustments to improve your health. By working with a Fair Oaks eye doctor, you prevent complications with your eyes. To learn more about limiting the risk of eye conditions or for an appointment, call (916) 966-6080 today.

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