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Preventing Common Eye Diseases in Fair Oaks

Preventing Common Eye Diseases in Fair Oaks

If you want to take control of your vision and eye health, start by identifying common eye diseases. By understanding the diseases you could contract, as well as ways to prevent them, you can improve your vision health. Here at Swan Family Optometry we most often treat patients suffering from dry eye, allergic conjunctivitis, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. 

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What Causes Common Eye Diseases?

Causes of eye diseases vary, as they can be caused by other diseases, lifestyle choices, and aging. For example, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma are hereditary diseases that occur in individuals as they age. Allergic conjunctivitis is caused when a person suffers from allergies. Dry eye condition is often the result of staring at a digital screen for too long at a time, which causes the tear ducts to become blocked. 

How can I Prevent Eye Diseases from Happening to Me?

The most successful way to prevent eye diseases from occurring is through preventative care. This includes getting an annual eye exam to monitor from any early onset signs that you are suffering from a disease. If you have been diagnosed with an eye disease in the past, then you want to be proactive. Follow the orders of our Fair Oaks optometrist in regard to preventing the disease from reoccurring. 

How Are Common Eye Diseases Treated or Managed?

The first step to treating or managing eye diseases is getting a comprehensive eye exam by our eye doctor in Fair Oaks. We will diagnose your eye disease and determine the best route for treatment or disease management. For example, with macular degeneration, there is no treatment, but we can provide solutions for delaying the progression of the disease. We can also recommend lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking or improving your diet, in order to help remedy eye diseases. 

Meet Our Fair Oaks Eye Doctor

Our Fair Oaks eye doctor Dr. Elizabeth Swan assists patients of all ages in preventing and treating eye diseases. Contact our optometrist in Fair Oaks at 916-249-0574 to schedule an appointment for eye disease treatment. We are currently offering a special discount of 25 percent off eyewear for private-pay patients who are new to Swan Family Optometry.

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