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Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment

Glaucoma Signs and Symptoms

One important reason to visit our optometrist in Fair Oaks on a regular basis as you get older is so that we can check for early warning signs of glaucoma. This is a disease that affects many people, but with prompt and proper treatment, it can be successfully managed. Starting treatment early is essential to prevent permanent vision loss, however, and the nature of the disease presents particular challenges in this area.

Glaucoma diagram in Fair Oaks.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

In the majority of cases, patients we see in the early stages of glaucoma have no noticeable symptoms. It’s only by performing a set of screening tests that our Fair Oaks eye doctor can identify signs of the disease. That’s because the increase in intraocular pressure that leads to damage to the optic nerve is generally painless, and even when vision loss does begin, it’s on the periphery of your visual field.

As the disease progresses, that peripheral vision loss will become more pronounced, eventually creeping in to obscure your entire field of vision. Any vision loss caused by glaucoma cannot be restored because it’s a result of direct damage to the optic nerve. Treating glaucoma through a combination of medications and other techniques can help prevent further vision loss, allowing you to maintain your sight and your quality of life.

Glaucoma Treatment from Our Fair Oaks Optometrist

Since catching glaucoma early has such a significant impact on your prognosis, visiting our Fair Oaks optometrist regularly for a checkup is essential, particularly as you age. If we do see signs that you may be developing glaucoma, we’ll use a variety of prescription eye drops to help reduce your intraocular pressure.

The specific medication used will depend on the underlying cause of your condition and the details of your medical history. We may also prescribe oral medications, and in some cases, we'll recommend surgery to restore proper drainage to your eyes, which can help stop the buildup of pressure in the first place.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor in Fair Oaks, call us today at (916) 966-6080.

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