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Smoking and Eye Health

How Smokers Can Protect Their Eye Health with Proper Eye Care

Although most people who smoke are aware of the health risks associated, one that isn't as obvious is the detriment that smoking can have on one's eye health. Heavy smoking can damage vision, particularly color and contrast vision. Protecting your eyes from further damage starts with an eye exam at Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks, CA.

How Does Smoking Harm Your Eyes?

The effects that smoking can have on your vision aren't the only side effects. Smoking increases other eye risks such as:

  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD): Smokers increase their risk of developing AMD by three times than those who have never smoked.
  • Cataract: One of the major risks that smokers encounter is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens, also known as cataracts. Those who smoke can double their chance of forming cataracts.

Other possible risks include dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and uveitis.

How Smokers Can Prevent Vision Loss

Any active smokers need to take a few steps to try to prevent their risk of vision loss. One way to reduce the risks and have healthier eyes is to quit smoking.

By being healthier overall and practicing healthy habits, such as eating the right foods and staying active, you will help decrease some of the associated risks.

One other way to help prevent any possible vision loss is to visit an eye care professional regularly. By visiting an optometry office and having a go-to optometrist, you can get a baseline of your eye health and stay aware of any changes occurring in your eyes and vision.

Visit an Optometry Specialist to Care for Your Eye Health

For those in the Fair Oaks, CA, area that need to check in on their eye health, Swan Family Optometry is available for your needs. You can request an appointment easily online or give us a call at 916-966-6080.

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