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The Importance of Eye Care and Check-Ups

The Importance of Eye Care and Check-Ups

Many people don't call the eye doctor until they are having a problem. This is a mistake. If you are one of these people, there are a few reasons why you should make annual eye exams with Swam Family Optometry a priority.

Vision Changes Occur Gradually

Typically, when your vision worsens, it will happen so gradually that you might not even realize it. It won't be until you see the optometrist and get glasses that you will realize how much your vision has worsened. The best way to be sure that you can see correctly is to have an annual eye exam.

Diseases Of The Eye Often Show No Early Symptoms

There are several diseases of the eye that can cause permanent vision loss if they are allowed to progress without treatment. A few examples include glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Because many of these diseases don't cause any symptoms until permanent vision loss has occurred, annual eye care exams are essential. If your optometrist catches the condition early, you can begin treatment to slow the progression of the disease.

New Glasses Or Contacts

If you lose your glasses and need a new pair, you are going to need a current prescription. The same is true if you run out of contact lenses and need a new supply. Eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions are valid for just one year. The only way to keep your prescription current is to have an annual eye exam.

Early Detection Of Serious Medical Conditions

During your annual eye exam, it is possible for your eye doctor to detect medical conditions before you experience any symptoms and before your primary care physician has a chance to diagnose you. A few of these conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and even brain tumors. Seeing your eye doctor for an exam every year can ensure your overall health.

You should make it a priority to schedule annual appointments with Swan Family Optometry. Our optometrists specialize in pediatrics eye exams, adult exams, and senior eye care. We can treat your whole family all under one roof. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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