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How to Prepare For An Eye Exam

How to Prepare For An Eye Exam

Need new glasses - -or just ready for your annual vision screening? preparing in advance ensures all your questions are answered and that you get the best possible care. Here's what we recommend you do to get ready for your eye exam:

Preparing for your Swan Family Optometry Eye Exam

We're ready when you are -- and our state-of-the-art facility and well-trained team means you won't need to do a lot of prep work before you arrive. We suggest the following to ensure all your questions are answered and you get the best care possible:

Bring along any medications: If you currently take any prescription or over the counter medication, bring it with you -- or make a list of the things you take. Some medications or conditions can impact your vision, so your doctor should know what you are taking.

Jot down any questions: If you have any questions or concerns about your vision or your appointment, write them down before you arrive. It is easy to forget to ask questions during your appointment, and we can better serve your needs if you ask anything you need to while you are here.

Review your medical history: Some conditions can also cause changes in your vision or increase your risk of some eye conditions. If you have had health or lifestyle changes since your last exam, make sure you share the details with your optometrist. Whether you've developed high blood pressure, taken up a new sport or even had a significant life change, we can better care for you if we know what you are currently experiencing and doing.

Taking a few moments to prepare for your appointment allows our team to provide you with the best possible care and ensures any questions or concerns you have to addressed. If you have specific concerns or need to schedule an exam, we're here for you -- get in touch today to set up your appointment and get the help you need.

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