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Signs of Computer Vision

Signs of Computer Vision

The more time you spend on your computer, the greater your risk of developing digital eye strain and fatigue, aka computer vision. Computer vision is caused by prolonged focus on digital screens, leading to strained eye muscles, headaches, and blurred vision. If you’re having problems with your eyes due to excess computer use, come to Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks, CA, for a checkup. Here’s what you should know about computer vision.


Anyone that uses computers extensively can develop symptoms of computer vision. These symptoms can range from eye strain and fatigue to impaired vision. The following telltale signs may be an indication of computer vision.

Eye strain: Eye strain and fatigue can cause eye discomfort, pain, and inability to focus clearly. Left unchecked, eye strain can lead to more serious eye health issues.

Dry, irritated eyes: Prolonged computer use can cause dry, irritated eyes due to not blinking as often as you should. Blinking helps produce tears to keep your eyes lubricated and moist. Dryness can cause your eyes to itch and burn. Routine eye care from your Fair Oaks optometrist can forewarn you of dry eye symptoms so you can take measures to protect your eyes.  

Blurred vision: Computer vision can blur your vision or cause you to have double vision due to the strain placed on your eyes. Fortunately, you can restore your vision by limiting computer use and resting your eyes.

Headaches/dizziness: Headaches and dizziness are signs your digital eye strain is escalating into a more serious condition. An eye exam by your Fair Oaks optometrist will reveal if you have developed eye disorders or conditions.

Neck and shoulder pain: Neck and shoulder pain are generally the result of poor posture as you hunch over your computer screen to adjust your vision.

By recognizing these signs and readjusting your computer schedule, you can eliminate computer vision symptoms and restore your eye health.

Digital Eye Strain? See Our Fair Oaks Optometrist to Protect Your Vision  

For quality eye care services to protect and preserve your vision, contact Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks, CA, at 916-966-6080.

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