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Protect and Preserve Your Vision with Swan Family Optometry

If you have good vision, it’s easy to take eye health for granted and not schedule eye exams as you should. Eye health, however, can change over the years, altering your vision. By scheduling routine eye exams at Swan Family Optometry, your optometrist in Fair Oaks, CA, will be able to monitor your vision and correct eye problems early on before they cause vision loss. Professional eye care is the key to optimum eye health.

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Professional Eye Care

At Swan Family Optometry, you’ll get professional eye care services from eye care specialists in their field. This gives you an edge in protecting your vision. Dr. Elisabeth Swan and our eye care team have been providing quality eye health services to residents of Fair Oaks, CA, and surrounding communities since 1991. We understand your optometry wants and needs and are fully committed to fulfilling those needs. Our personalized optometry services offer multiple options for advanced vision/eye health treatments. Your optometrist in Fair Oaks, CA, will take time to explain any treatments or procedures you need so you are fully aware of the state of your vision.


As a patient of Swan Family Optometry, you’ll benefit from essential eye care services designed to protect and improve your vision. These services include:

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our eye exams consist of vision, eye health, and eye function testing. Vision testing entails reading texts of different sizes from an eye chart to determine the quality of your vision. If you have visual refractions or impairments, your CA eye doctor will write a prescription for corrective lenses to improve your vision. Eye health is tested by dilating the pupils of your eyes to check your retinal health, optic nerve, cornea, etc., for signs of eye problems or diseases. A tonometry test will measure your eye pressure to see if you have glaucoma. We’ll also test eye function for focus, teaming and tracking.

Contact Lens Testing and Fitting

We perform separate contact lens exams to evaluate your sight using contacts.  We’ll measure your eye’s surface to determine the type and size of contacts best suited to your needs. We’ll test your tear film to ensure your eyes produce enough tears to wear contacts comfortably. Then your CA eye doctor will fit you with contacts perfectly suited to your prescription.

Prescription Eyewear

We maintain a wide selection of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses to meet your need. Your optometrist can help you choose eyewear that suits your personality and lifestyle. The best prescription glasses and sunglasses are those that look good, feel great and provide you with optimum protection and vision.

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To schedule an eye exam or learn more about our quality optometry services, contact Swan Family Optometry in Fair Oaks at 916-966-6080 today!

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